Work plan & methodology

The COSMIC project consists of 8 Work Packages and 4 strategic phases.

1. Phase 1: Promotion of new media in crisis

During the first logical phase, COSMIC will collect all the necessary information regarding crisis, the main stakeholders (including the public) and the technologies they currently use to communicate in crisis situations. Emerging technologies will also be investigated and stakeholders will be informed of on-going research efforts and opportunities for collaboration to produce innovative forms of communication.

  • WP1 – Mapping crises
  • WP2 – Mapping the use of current technologies in crises
  • WP3 – Mapping the use of emerging applications
  • WP4 – Emergency communication by the public

2. Phase 2 – Strategic support: In this phase, COSMIC will set the foundation for sustainable collaboration between crisis stakeholders, for the improvement of communication media.

  • WP5 – Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • WP6 – Guidelines

3. Phase 3 – Awareness raising and Dissemination: to communicate the progress made and promote the vision of COSMIC the in European environment.

  • WP7 – Dissemination activities

4. Phase 4 – Co-ordination and Project management:

  • WP8 – Coordination and Project management