The COSMIC project is an EU-funded project from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme FP7-SEC-2012 under grant agreement no. 312737. The COSMIC project’s total budget is 1,2 million Euros, of which EU funding accounts for 997 thousand Euros. The project runs for the period of 24 months, ending in March 2015.

The three primary facets and topics of the COSMIC project are the following:

1. Exploring new information & communication technologies

COSMIC will investigate current and emerging technologies/media and their use in crisis management in an effort to inform relevant stakeholders, and promote collaboration and research initiatives during the project’s workshops.

2. Producing guidelines for stakeholders

COSMIC will provide guidelines at three different levels: for users, for public authorities and businesses and for future research efforts. All three types will be developed via, and disseminated to, the widest audience possible, for example through the network of international stakeholders which will be created.

3. Improving communication

COSMIC takes into account the importance of citizen involvement in emergency communications and investigates different types of involvement. The guidelines developed in COSMIC aim to strengthen the linkages between citizens and other governmental or non-governmental actors.