Prize: €1,000


In different cities across Europe rumours are spreading of civilians displaying strange symptoms, leading to the belief that a possible infectious disease is circulating. We need you – the people - to help us confirm if this is the case, and if so, where the disease has spread. Help us to locate the infectees in four European cities.  Successful digital volunteers that find all infectees will be offered compensation for their services.

The four cities containing infectees will be announced here soon – follow us on Twitter for updates: @COSMIC_FP7

The symptoms to be on the lookout for, i.e. descriptions of the infectees will be released here on game day: February 26, 2015, at 08:00 CET and teams have until 15:00 CET to send in their submissions.

Key steps:

  1. Subscribe to this initiative by subscribing on our google form: detailing your team’s name, members and affiliation and/ or location.
  2. Activate your online network: reach out to friends (of friends), colleagues etc. to be on the lookout in the designated European cities.
  3. Together, try to physically locate the infectees wandering the main areas of those cities on game day.
  4. Once an infectee is located, provide evidence to support your claim: get a photograph.
  5. Submit the picture, together with the details of your team.

The first team to locate all 4 infectees, or alternatively the team that has found the most infectees within the appointed timeframe, will win €1000,-